Monday, 25 May 2015


Prada Sunglasses | Boohoo Melissa Ribbed Dress in Black | Boohoo Kate Belted Coat in Camel | Cartier Love Rings | Michael Kors Diamond Rose Gold Watch | Saint Laurent Small Sac De Jour in Red | Forecast Peplum Pencil Skirt | Chanel Canvas Espadrilles in Navy 
Photos Taken by: My Beloved, Dylan Oliver Amali

Some relevant irrelevancy, I just want to thank each and everyone one of you who visited my blog just only the other day when I decided to hit accelerate, hard on my life and jump start this blog. The overwhelming response has been electrifying to say the least. Mademoisemelle reached over 1500 hits within it's first few hours of officially becoming a live blog! She has truly been spoilt with love and affection. Despite my personal issues, that won't be discussed too much on this post, I have never felt more motivated to uphold the aims of this blog, as a sartorial reverie for all things high street and luxury whilst providing me with an escape into the realm of creativity when life seems a tad too dull to bare. By showing your support, I've managed to hum along to the little beat inside my heart fuelling this little passion of mine. 

Thank you.

Nonetheless, I will continue with the rest of the post, shall I?
Today's little adventure after lunch (which will be in more detail for next time) - me and Dylan (my photographer and arm candy/ accessory, just kidding...) took a stroll around Parramatta's city centre and stumbled across this rather small, yet unique cathedral sandwiched between a car park and Jamie Oliver's new restaurant. After inspecting it's peculiar architecture and beautiful carved characteristics, I immediately knew I had to whip out my camera to enjoy this little monumental gem; who goes by the name of Saint John's Cathedral. 

After looking back at the photos, I realised my coat ended up matching the different brown hues from the door of the cathedral to the walls! It was a cute little reminder for the day that this coat seriously works with everything, and can double up as a transitional statement piece. Now, Boohoo isn't the average place I would go to when purchasing a coat - but after seeing their prices, I knew I had to give it a go. Material-wise, Boohoo reflects it's price, but surprisingly it was extra warm and worked well over the shoulders, left opened and tied up. It's a coat that multi-tasks!  

As for the rest of my attire, I managed to whip out my super old Forecast skirt I purchased for a job interview a while back - I love the peplum detailing, as it covers all my jelly bits whilst it sculpts my behind quite well (cue instagram photo, you'll know what i'm talking about...). I contemplated on wearing a belt with my Boohoo Melissa Ribbed Turtle Neck Dress, but I thought I'd let it look like a one piece, and not have anything breaking up that look, which seems to be quite a popular trend now. The turtle Neck was also surprisingly warm, and I was glad I purchased the Ribbed detailing over the normal cotton/ viscose version, as I was told Ribbed items give that extra bit of warmth! I seriously suggest you upgrade your winter wardrobe by having some turtle neck pieces to wear with some of your summer pants, jeans or skirts as an easy summer to winter transitional piece; turtle necks are seriously on trend at the moment, and will always be a classic basic for your closet. 

Finally, after a lot of thought (10 minutes to be exact), I decided to dress down my feet for this outfit - after all I was just going to lunch and a casual family dinner afterwards, so I didn't want to turn up in heels, although I did think it would really compliment the outfit and give my tiny little frame some height! My Chanel espadrilles are an absolute favourite, ask me what my favourite casual shoes are besides Nikes? My espadrilles. They give me a little bit of height and are stylishly comfortable.

I have decided I will do a detailed review of my Saint Laurent handbag purchased from Reebonz if anyone wants to know in  a video soon - but for now, I enjoy it accompanying me on my dates and shoots, whilst she's not all that subtle in her bright red-ness, she certainly fits with any outfit even if she was bright yellow. It's always such a staple of mine; wearing a pop of colour really makes an outfit shine, just like Saint John and his distinct presence in the heart of bustling Parramatta. Being different can start from the depths of your soul, from wearing something significant to simply putting your best shoes on, and taking one step in the right direction - you shouldn't have to travel too far to show off your individuality. 

Please click on the item names in the section above, and the bolded names for a direct link to the website and credible sources to purchase my outfit! Please let me know if there is an easier or ideal way you would like me to list item details and where I purchased them!

Enjoy m'loves xo

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