Thursday, 28 May 2015


Prada Sunglasses | Boohoo Melissa Turtle Neck in Black | Cartier Love Rings | Michael Kors Diamond Rose Gold Watch & 'MK' Ring | Saint Laurent 'Sac De Jour' 
Photos taken by myself and my beloved; Dylan Oliver Amali

Whilst I like to stick to writing about fashion and all that dainty stuff, I have several other things I have a penchant for, one of them is; ultimately being myself. I'm taking this writing advocacy as an umbrella shielding the rays of negativity I seem to latch on to in the outside world, and my 'writing advocacy' comes in the form of many different shapes and sizes, spanning across a variety of things besides fashion, so bear with me if I go off on these whims. Although I may have to change my 'About Me' section, I am trying my hardest to stay true to myself, my content and my audience - but there is no doubt I get a tinge of pressure from doing that all at once.

The title of this post may be misleading, but since I opened this blog a couple of days ago, I've had so many supportive comments and suggestions, yet there are also some negative ones. I'm not looking for sympathy or an army of keyboard warriors going after the sources of these negative comments, but hear me out when I say I'm going to be as truthful as I can when I talk about some things on here, whether it be food, life, travel or fashion.

I don't only nurture this blog as a contribution to the fashion world, it's ultimately my own way of combatting some insecurities that seem to reoccur in my head, one too many times more than the average person. So as I mentioned before, my writing comes in an array of shades, some of it may not be as pleasing or thought provoking, and it may not stick to it's outline - but it is my project, my creative outlet that seems to only soar when my mind is in the most somber of places.

Please respect that.

Nonetheless I'll continue as to how my title will relate to this post! I had hoped everyone who read my last post noticed that I didn't only get dressed up to take photos in front of a church (although sometimes I would probably do so), I was out on a lovely dinner date with the man behind the camera, my beloved. It was our 26th month together, and boy that was sure something to be celebrating about. He had planned this for the past week and made a booking at Jamie Oliver's new restaurant; Trattoria in Parramatta, somewhere local (for him). I was so pleased that we managed to get a booking and were on our way to critiquing the hell outta the place - of course only between us!

We were taken upstairs by the host (the restaurant is pretty big), and were seated in a little back corner which was quite cosy. Being me, I usually ask for the best seats in the house (because why not?), but I decided I was content with the hidden area. I obviously started agonising on what I was going to have, as I'm a solid professional in indecisiveness. Nevertheless, I ended up getting the Steak Frites, and he got the Hot Italian Pizza.

After what seemed about 45 minutes, our meals arrived - whilst I would be the one to 'remind' the staff about our orders 20 minutes after ordering, which is fair enough, I decided to let it go as I was in a really good mood. The ambience isn't your Sokyo or Felix, but a cut above your average diner, think Hurricanes on a budget. Anyways, the restaurant was quite busy that day as it was (I think it still is) its first week of opening, so I let it slip. Once we got our food, I was pretty excited - the pizza looked delicious and it certainly tasted so! The crust was beautiful and crispy whilst my steak wasn't up to standard. The steak was a good eat, but the coleslaw it came with made it passable, eating it on it's own was quite saddening.

I think you're expecting me to score this dine aren't you? No, I'm not really educated in critiquing restaurants. Whilst my family has a background in the business of restaurants, I can't really tell everyone what to eat and what not to. I don't plan on writing reviews for restaurants, but I do plan on talking about the things that make me happy and food is definitely one of them. Savour the memories and small things you take for granted in life, because sometimes those delights can be whisked away.

Enjoy m'loves xo

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  1. I love your content :) and I'm also super indecisive about everything haha! Will definitely have to go on a trip to Jamie's soon :)