Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Erroyl: Mechanical Excellence

"Erroyl are making their first mark; and it's beyond perfect - they're truly making watch history."

It's quite rare to find the perfect accessory to match a casual outfit, whilst being practical and efficient. Whenever I am out and about, I usually need to check the time as I like to pack in a tight day then unwind when the hustle and bustle is over. Having a statement watch or accessory has always been my go-to item when I want to accentuate a simple outfit, and being on-the-go, I've been desperate to find something minimalistic, yet statement-esque and stick to a budget. In light of this, I was delighted to have received the answer to my prayers in a beautiful leather package from the lovely guys over at Erroyl

From it's sophisticated name to it's quality pieces, Erroyl is only a 1 year old Australian brand that have completely outdone themselves for such a young company. For a brand to have boomed at such an early stage is truly an achievement, and there is no surprise as their timepieces are extremely elegant, thoroughly refined and subtly intelligent. Thus receiving one of their best selling pieces (who am I kidding, they're ALL best sellers!), was such an honour.

I apologise for the miniature hiatus, but I was waiting to get my hands on this amazing watch now that it's back in stock, and come back with a BANG along with my very first review. Now, I'm not much of a watch fanatic, but I was thrilled to learn some new terminologies within the watch-lovers dictionary and be able to tell you all about them, whilst giving you a non-conventional angle into the E30 Heritage White and Erroyl in general.

Whenever I purchase products, I always take into consideration the effort and dedication a company puts into their packaging. It's somewhat an extra gift in itself and is a great introduction to the company and what they stand for. When I opened my overly stuffed package (which is a good thing!), I was greeted by a beautiful black and white box, and on the inside a full leather box holding the watch. Even though there are several layers to get to the watch, I was assured it was in perfect condition and was already radiating that luxe-appeal in a watch costing $1k+, whilst this watch comes in at a modest $400AUD. Value? Check. First Appearance? Check.

Nonetheless once I tried it on, I was instantly impressed with it's robust and high quality leather straps. The face of the watch, which is the money shot mind you, features about a dozen concentric circles which make the watch sparkle just a tad more than average, a lovely addition and certainly a unique element. Turning the watch over, I was surprised to see the actual mechanical additions of the watch that moved along with my wrist. It was lovely to witness this, as normally the back of watches houses the batteries, and is quite plain.

Now on to the styling of the watch, which was probably the most exciting part for me! After pairing the watch with shirts, coats, jumpers, turtle necks and even with my gym clothes, I was certain the watch was insanely versatile. In fact this watch has only been advertised to the male population, but due to it's versatility, I was able to pull it off with about anything - it doesn't scream masculinity nor femininity, which was why my partner was so eager to try it on! He happens to be a doctor and said he could see himself wearing it to the hospital and casually on a daily, so I've included some shots for my male readers!

Once again as I come to a close of this review, I just want to express that I'm not a watch fanatic and don't claim to be, I happened to fall in love with Erroyl as a brand, and their watches which appealed to my style and I believe can morph into anyones style. Below I've listed some pros and cons for this particular piece and quickly explain why having an automatic watch in your collection could be beneficial, and I'll go through some issues with a deployment strap.

  • Versatility - a unisex watch that can practically enhance any outfit. A simplistic watch speaking volumes of elegance. Crisp, clean, minimalistic design; appropriate sizing at 40mm; brilliant attention to detail.
  • Luxury for less - starting price $400AUD. This watch has all the trimmings of a high quality watch at generally a much higher price point including a genuine leather strap, sapphire crystal front and back.
  • Deployment Strap - luxe appeal oozes out of a deployment strap, the details are eccentric and unique. 
Packaging - extra protection for your watch, and an additional appreciation for brand. Packaging also includes a gorgeous glossy booklet, authenticity card, cleaning cloth and 2 year warranty card. These guys really put a lot of effort into their packaging which is a great bonus on top of the gorgeous watch you get! 
  •  Mechanical/ Automatic movement - has a real appeal to the more avid watch crowd, the watch is powered by an automatic Miyota movement, which is on full display beneath the sapphire crystal case back. Having an automatic movement piece, practically means you don't ever have to worry about purchasing batteries, ever.
  • Appreciation and support for a proudly Australian micro-brand.
  •  Automatic watch - If not working or using regularly, it needs to be wound/ readjusted accordingly. 
  •  Due to the subtle unisex feel the watch has, this may not be the perfect watch for some guys out there wanting an all masculine look. However, it's great that it doubles up as a unisex watch with it's beautiful and subtle designs. 
  • Deployment strap - may take a while to get used to, and can be quite fidgety on first appearance. 

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Hope you enjoyed this entry m'loves! xo

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