Mellifluence aims to seam the eccentricities of fashion, culture and creative inclusion. Mellifluence comes from the adjective; silvery and musical, based on the meaning of Melissa which is honey, and a melody. I am far from a sweet melody, and in fact consider myself a broken one but I find joy in hearing everyones interpretation. Whilst I am an advocate for fashion, my passion lies in writing and creativity including musical projects that I endeavour to pursue. My upbringing in London has instilled in me a behaviour some would refer to as an 'attitude problem', but I prefer to call it tolerance to the egalitarian society I was brought up in who were genuinely shocked a 'halfcast' could retaliate. 

This blog is an extension of my musings from the fashion world to the crudeness of the real world. Back out slowly if you're afraid of controversy, hypocrisy and irony as I don't tend to care too much for censorship. Most importantly this blog will share the most intimate aspects of my life that I choose to publicise, including my struggle with depression. The most unique aspect about my blog is that I will aim to normalise and bridge the gap between mental illness and social media. There are so many people out there hiding behind their computer screens and emerging with a mask that social media welcomes. Through my blog I hope to bring awareness of the reality of depression and mental illness and provide readers with support and a place to navigate to when reality is just too tough to bare, or if you're looking to seek reality in this saturated era of social media.

Email: themellifluence@gmail.com

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